A New Beginning.
Port of Cultures Competition.
Mariupol, Ukraine.

The proposal intends to be an important part of the collective memory of the city, preserving the historical character of the preexisting building, gained through the years thanks to the different events that took place there.

Even if it is necessary to transform the building to accommodate its new use, we propose to do so respecting its origin and enhancing it character. The new project aims to maintain the urban memory of the piece, by preserving the facade of the old building with its window and door rhythm, adapting it to the new use of the block. Keeping its essence will let future society to be conscious of past of the city and the importance of heritage, giving the visitor the opportunity to experience its origin and development.

The recovered old building is finally crowned by a hightech architectural piece, that will allow the complex to be perceived as a landmark. Linked with the steel working tradition of the Mariupol area through its facade materiality, it is designed as a fluid transparent piece that looks over the surroundings, representing the future of the region, contrasting and complementing the preexisting volume while hosting events and attracting visitors.