VR School in Plaza de la Cebada, Madrid, Spain
Architecture Design VI

Plaza de la Cebada is one of the main selforganized spaces in Madrid center. Placed in the historical neigbourghood of La Latina, ocuppies the lot next to Mercado de la Cebada where in the past there was a public swimming pool, that was considered one of the main cores of activity in the area.

Can we just consider real those things that we see? Can we use technology to create digital parallel experiences?

The proposal is to build a Virtual Reality School, mixed with a public space program. It will have integrated both learning spaces dedicated to these new technologies and workspaces to apply all this knowledge in the enviroment of the public square located on the roof. The role of public opinion in urban processes is claimed here, giving to the citizens a tool with infinite possibilities , which will allow them to be the real directors of  public action, programming and deciding which are going to be the experiences taking plaxe in the roof, as well as experimenting and sharing them revitalizing La Latina and turning the neighbourghood into a reference in the city.